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SHRM_brochure2008graphicPROJECTS MANAGER: Peter Karanja

Holding a BA (Hons) in Building Economics, he comes with over 18 years of experience within the building industry. As a successful Quantity Surveyor, he manages the costs from the early design plans, through to the building’s completion. His priorities are to make sure that projects meet legal and quality standards, and that clients get good value for money. He is responsible for carrying out feasibility studies to estimate materials, time and labour costs, negotiate and draw up bids for tenders and contracts, monitor each stage of construction to make sure that costs are in line with forecasts, provide financial progress reports to clients, advise clients on legal and contractual matters, and assess the financial costs of new environmental guidelines.

Sites Manager: Kiarie

Diploma in Building Construction, with eight years experience, has been working with Sark Kenya Ltd from Oct 2010

Holding a BA (Hons) in Building Economics and currently pursuing a Masters in Project Planning and Management he comes with over 3 years of experience within the building industry. His main responsibilities include:

  • Negotiate and draw up bids for tenders and contracts
  • Write out project plans and account for all expenditure
  • Processing monthly valuations
  • Assessing work carried out each month and writing valuations that are submitted to the client
  • Carry out feasibility studies to estimate materials, time and labour costs to make project running more efficient
  • Advise directors on legal and contractual matters, and assess the financial costs of new environmental guidelines
  • Provide support to the construction managers and site engineers

Site Agent: Charles Mboga Anginyo

Holding a Diploma in Civil Engineering, he comes with over 14 years of experience within the construction industry with projects within general building works extending to civil works. His main responsibilities include:

  • Providing an ‘on-site’ guideline in the planning of a work programs and writing out a work and labour plan for all tasks to be executed
  • Allocate lead site foremen on every site who can carry out set tasks in set periods of time
  • Sourcing and allocating work to relevant sub contractors, and ensuring work is always done to a high quality finish
  • Provide internal reports to document work progress
  • Report any outstanding detail requirements to the structural engineers/architects in good time to ensure no delays occur in the progress of works
  • Managing labour on site, assigning tasks, employment or release of staff in accordance to project requirements, co-ordinating all the site operations, allocating site machinery, preparing schedules for material delivery and dealing with the purchasing team to ensure all material is delivered on site prior to requirement


His vast experience in the industry ensures smooth efficient running of sites, solutions to unforeseeable problems, logging of daily site activities and handover of projects within time and budget.

Company Administrator: Mrs Magdalene Waithera

She over looks and manages various aspects of administration within the company office. Her main responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating with all site managers to take material orders and salary dues which are processed and paid by the site supervisor
  • Dealing with the storekeeper to issue all specialist tools, material and maintenance tools when required
  • Updating records of all material in stock and ordering more when required
  • Maintaining all site documents, valuations, bills of quantities, drawings and ensuring all approvals are valid and available on site in case of any site inspection
  • Keeping records of all outgoing payments, providing daily reports to ensure financial flow is kept on check and updating all valuations to reflect them
  • Updating all company accounts and preparing monthly reports for the accountant to audit every year


Supportive staff included in addition to key personnel comprise of:


  • Secretaries
  • Assistant Site Agents
  • Store Keepers
  • Carpenters, Masons, &Joiners
  • General work force of 60+ employees
  • Security personnel
  • Drivers

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